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It shall be a purpose of ASPAA to promote and advance public education in Arizona through the cooperative efforts of public school administrators within the State of Arizona who have a primary professional responsibility administering Human Resources Management programs involving school employees. 
ASPAA will promote the interchange of ideas, data and information regarding talent management and other best human resource management practices in order to effect advancement in the administration of school personnel. 
ASPAA will inform stakeholders to the needs, opportunities, and procedures for securing and retaining school employment.

It shall be a purpose of ASPAA to recommend to other appropriate professional groups specific action programs, the enactment of which will promote a stronger system of public education through the adoption of sound personnel practices and policies.

Student Success:

ASPAA shares the vision to make student success as the ultimate goal and priority.

Access to Subject Matter Experts:

With Human Resource Management growing in complexity, ASPAA members promote and share various knowledge and skills to other members in areas such as talent management, performance reviews/evaluations, health insurance and related employee benefits, payroll management, leadership, etc.

ASPAA Academy:

Every year, ASPAA hosts an Academy to provide professional development to continuing and new HR school district representatives.

Build Efficiencies:

ASPAA members share processes, practices, and ideas that will assist in building efficiencies within Human Resources.

Commitment to Human Resources Profession:

By being a member of ASPAA, HR representatives advance the commitment and interests of the HR profession.

Established Conferences:

Each year, ASPAA hosts a Fall and Spring Conference that is well attended by members. These conferences provide professional development, networking opportunities, and vendor and provider updates and information. Presenters include those from State agencies, National Human Resource Management Associations, Educational speakers, and other keynote speakers.

Job Advancement Opportunities:

ASPAA members have networking opportunities that may lead to future job advancement or recommendations by colleagues.

Job Postings:

The ASPAA Web site allows members to post and seek job opportunities. Latest Trends and Best Practices: ASPAA provides the latest trends and best practices through networking, ongoing established professional development, ASPAA Academy, ASPAA Web site, etc.


ASPAA encourages and provides opportunities for members to establish leadership roles within the Human Resource community.

Legislative and Legal Updates:

ASPAA has an established, positive relationship with various State agencies. State agency representatives present and share updates at conferences and luncheons.

Monthly Luncheons:

Monthly luncheons are hosted by various school districts and provide professional development and networking opportunities. These monthly luncheons regularly include speakers with relevant and current HR-related topics.


ASPAA allows a great ability to make a connection with other HR representatives, contact subject matter experts, and meet and establish relationships with vendors, providers, and State agency representatives. ASPAA is a state-wide network of dedicated HR representatives to share with, learn from, and brainstorm solutions within Human Resources and Education.

Obtain References:

ASPAA provides an opportunity for members to share references of various employees, vendors, providers, contracts, and other related solutions.

Ongoing Professional Development:

ASPAA prides itself with the many current and effective professional development opportunities throughout each year. The ASPAA Academy, luncheons at various school districts, and the Fall and Spring conferences represent many of these opportunities.


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